6-screen trading station


6-screen trading station

6-screen trading station

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From 2,990.00 

Our best seller, a professional station!

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We refund twice the difference if you find a product with identical components assembled, delivered and set up in your home with another service provider specializing in the delivery of trading stations.

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2-screen Ordinateur pour trader 2 écrans

Price: €1,490*
Discount: €63 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €1,512 discount

Price: €2,990*
Discount: €125 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €3,000 discount

3-screen Ordinateur pour trader 3 écrans

Price: €1,990*
Discount: €83 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €1,992 discount

Price: €3,490*
Discount: €146 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €3,504 discount

4-screen Ordinateur pour trader 4 écrans

Price: €2,490*
Discount: €104 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €2,496 discount

Price: €3,990*
Discount: €167 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €4,008 discount

6-screen Ordinateur pour trader 6 écrans

Price: €2,990*
Discount: €125 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €3,000 discount

Price: €4,490*
Discount: €188 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €4,512 discount

8-screen Ordinateur pour trader 8 écrans

Price: €3,990*
Discount: €167 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €4,008 discount

Price: €5,490*
Discount: €229 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €5,496 discount

Extreme trading station Ordinateur pour trader extrême

Price: €10,990*
Discount: €458 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €10,992 discount

Price: €12,990*
Discount: €542 / mounth* x 24 mounth
for a total of €13,008 discount

Tailor-made trading station

Contact us +33 (0) 9 81 44 79 50

*Monthly discount on the first 24 mounth only valid (i) for the first 50 account openings ProRealTime Trading having ordered on this site before July 1, 2023 and (ii) for any non-professional investor opening a ProRealTime Trading account for the first time.
Discounts can only be used as a deduction from the price of your subscription to the ProRealTime Trading platform. Prices and discounts for information only.
If you are already a ProRealTime customer or if you want to know the minimum price of the platform according to the real time flows to activate, contact me at +33 (0) 9 81 44 79 50.




Screens 6 flat screens 22 inch Full HD + 1 support 6 screens 6 slim screens 24 inch with thin edges Full HD + 1 support 6 screens

For optimal visual comfort, we recommend screens that incorporate technology that is easier on the eyes. A good tip: don't get the technology or brand wrong and avoid superfluous options that are often put forward and that don't help with trading, on the contrary.


Intel Core i5 optimized

Intel Core i7 optimized

The processor is the brain of your trading station. It is thanks to the processor that your computer withstands market fluctuations on days of high volatility. With the right frequencies, the i5 and i7 processors are the most reliable because they focus on the ability to do a lot of calculations while multitasking. In short, the ideal processor for traders.

Operating system
Operating system

Windows 11

Windows 11 but not just any Windows 11. You need a properly configured system that provides the best possible security for your data to maintain the confidentiality of your trading activity and the performance of your trading software.


Our pre-configuration optimizes the performance and reliability of your station. We install a secure internet browser with an ad blocker, a powerful antivirus, password management software adapted to trading and, if you wish, your trading software.

With home installation, we also train you on securing your data and all the software we install.


1 SSD 120 Go SATA

1 SSD 250 Go M.2 PCIe + 1 HDD 2 To

The SSD is ideal for saving crucial milliseconds during your order processing. SSD M.2 PCIe generation SSDs are up to 5 times faster in responsiveness than SATA SSDs. Coupled with a classic hard drive, you have the perfect combination of high speed and huge storage capacity. Its important to chose the right model and brand.


16 Go

32 Go

To withstand major stock market fluctuations without slowing down, choosing the right RAM is essential. Between the different types of DDRs, its easy to be confused about the memory’s characteristics, the newest, most expensive model is not necessarily the most suitable for trading. Depending on the make and type of memory your processor can have a wider bandwidth which eases its functionality and enables the whole station to work more quickly.

Graphic card
Graphic card

2 cards, optimized for multi-screen and display of trading software

The graphics card is an essential element. Graphic cards for traders don't exist, you have to choose from the graphic cards available for intensive use and adaptable to the trading business. The cards’ frequency and memory are essential to ensure fast calculation and transmission of chart data. I have done a lot of tests, the differences are significant and surprisingly, it is not the most expensive models that are necessarily the best for trading.

Reader and optic
Reader and optic

CD / DVD reader and writer


Robust and quiet

Be careful to choose your housing carefully: it is essential to have a silent trading station offering optimum heat dispersion.

Keyboard & mouse
Keyboard & mouse

Flat and silent keyboard + mouse

Flat, quiet keyboards are pleasing both to the touch and to the ear. By default our stations are supplied with a silent QWERTY keyboard and a right-handed mouse, please specify when ordering (at the delivery address stage) if you want a different keyboard/mouse configuration. Be careful, however, to choose a keyboard that is visually and tactically well designed and a mouse with an ideal grip.


1 microphone + 2 speakers

Always useful when using sound alerts in trading.

Power supply
Power supply
1 Bronze power supply + 1 power strip
1 Gold power supply + 1 inverter

The power supply is your trading station’s fuel. A good tip: it is pointless having high-end power supplies if your trading station’s components are not optimized. An efficient, silent power supply that efficiently distributes the electricity needed by the trading station is what you need. With an inverter, you will no longer be worried about of power cuts!

The choice of autonomy, the management of relays during power cuts and the IT system are determining factors in setting up your trading strategies and possible position exits.

€2990.00 INCL. VAT

€4490.00 INCL. VAT

Don't wait, get your installation reserved!

Deliveries are generally made in the order in which orders are received. Contact me to find out my next available slot.

If you want, you can buy your components elsewhere and install them yourself, I offer an IT Coaching session.

If you want to upgrade your current PC with only some components, I offer a PC Upgrade service.



  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Je confirme les avis (que j’ai lu avant de contacter B.Vialle),tout s’est très bien passé ,livraison, installation ,explication ,…Je suis très content d’avoir fait appel a ReadyForTrading ,je recommande a tous ceux qui veulent trader avec du bon matériel d’y faire appel!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ce mardi, j’ai reçu ma station de trading 6 écrans, normalement je ne l’attendais que dans une semaine, c’était donc une super surprise… J’étais un peu comme un gamin avec un nouveau jouet… Mais je voudrais également saluer le professionnalisme et la gentillesse du patron de la société Ready For Trading, Benjamin Vialle ainsi que sa proximité et sa patience. Il s’est déplacé jusqu’à mon domicile pour monter la station et n’est reparti que lorsqu’il s’est assuré que tout était configuré comme je le souhaitais. pour info, j’habite à 3 heures de route de chez lui…

  3. 5 out of 5

    Je viens de recevoir ma station de trading qui correspond pleinement à mes attentes. Je recommande chaudement Benjamin Vialle qui a su être à mon écoute pour le choix du matériel et l’analyse des besoins. De plus, la livraison a été très rapide et l’installation soignée.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Cette station de trading répond parfaitement à mes attentes. Le rapport qualité-prix est excellent. Silencieuse, elle me permet en outre de travailler avec une grande souplesse ; le passage d’un écran à un autre s’effectuant sans temps de latence. Le contact client est professionnel et sympathique.
    Je recommande Benjamin Vialle.

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