Andlil – Benoist Rousseau: his trading station

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau: his trading station

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau : his trading station

I was able to have an interview with Benoist Rousseau who is a trader, webmaster of the Andlil site and who has an extreme trading station ReadyForTrading with 8 screens.

Here is the transcription of a skype with him:

Benjamin Vialle > Benoist Rousseau can you introduce yourself quickly for those who don’t know you?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > I have been passionate about the stock market since I was 14 years old, I am the founder of the Andlil site where I try to share my passion for trading and particularly scalping which remains little known in France.

Benjamin Vialle > What is scalping?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > This is a very fast technical intervention in trading, the positions last from a few seconds to a few minutes. The scalpers await the excesses of the markets, the psychological zones. We work like snipers, patience and precision.

Benjamin Vialle > Why did you buy a trading station at Ready For Trading?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > Prices, of course, very tight. But above all, tailor-made and VIP service. Have a trading station perfectly assembled, delivered and installed at my home on a Sunday! If I had received the parts, mount the pc etc. I will have lost money; it would have been done during my trading or rest time. And I need to rest on the weekend completely to stay successful in the long term in trading.

Benjamin Vialle > Which trading station did you buy?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > The extreme trading station with 8 screens because I needed exceptional computing power to be able to trade while encoding my trades in real time to broadcast them on YouTube. With this station, I do not suffer from any slowdown when I trade with 16 graphics, almost 8 order books, which I capture in real time with my screens while encoding in 4K!

Benjamin Vialle > If you should buy trading station, what would you change?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > Nothing is absolutely perfect because it is tailor-made. You advised me very well. I hesitated between a station 6, 8 or even 10, 12 screens. You have clearly understood my needs and it was 8 screens that I needed daily for all my needs. So thank you.

Benjamin Vialle > Do you recommend 8 screens for a trading station?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > I have specific needs because I make video, but I use 4 screens to trade. It’s hard to trade with fewer screens now. When you have tasted the comfort of having all the information in front of you and the efficiency it provides for scalping, I think that you need a configuration between 3 and 6 screens to be fully effective.

Benjamin Vialle > Do you have any regrets? Do you have an additional option for your trading station?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > My only regret is not having bought it instead! I lost years with my own trading station… but the trading station produced by Ready For Trading is higher (I opened the case, the internal assembly is perfect, no cables are lying around, everything is well laid out, I did not know not do it like this). I made the mistake of taking screens that were too big and putting them horizontally. In short, I finally had a little efficiency, I had to move my head all the time and I was missing important information. Now with your station, I tire myself less.

Benjamin Vialle > On a daily basis, what has this trading station brought you in your trading activity?

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > Ergonomics, efficiency, better view of the market, ultimately better trades and I earn more money. A very profitable investment.

Benjamin Vialle > Thanks Benoist for the interview and good trades!

Andlil – Benoist Rousseau > Thanks to you, I am going back to trade 🙂

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