Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

For all information, you can contact us here.

All our stations are upgradeable. The trading stations are configured using our constant technology watch, with the aim of offering the most suitable hardware components and security software for trading. Some examples of options:

  • 4 screen trading stations: we recommend the T-shaped support for the screens to facilitate horizontal reading and thus avoid neck joint tension.
  • Wired keyboards and mice: avoid bluetooth keyboards and mice so your are not taken by surprise when they run out of battery. Also, the latency of information transmission is a little higher, which is not the best solution for intensive trading.

Based on our experience with a lot of professional traders, we apply many other optimization ideas during the pre-configuration of your station. When we install in your home, we also advise you on settings for the various software to be installed so as to increase security and optimize performance. We can also offer you personal support so that you can take advantage of a station that is always at peak performance. Once the computer is delivered and installed, all you have to do is trade!

Delivery lead time varies according to the number of orders in progress. Do not hesitate to contact us on +33 (0) 9 81 44 79 50 to find out next available slots.

At ReadyForTrading, we have 2 possible payment systems:

  • By bank transfer: the order is processed once the payment has been validated
  • By credit card: you can pay directly by credit card via Stripe, no account creation is necessary

Stripe was chosen for its advanced security protocol and the possibility of not being obliged to create a personal account. No banking data is transmitted through the site, the payment is 100% secure due to your bank’s protocols together with those of the Stripe system.

The serenity contract is a remote support invoiced at €100. We have one hour to solve your problem. If this problem is not solved, we will refund you! Once the station has been installed at your home, for 3 months you benefit from one hour of remote support from me who has carried out the installation and knows your hardware and software environment perfectly. To resolve any issues, this support will be carried out using remote assistance software that will enable you to see your screen to be more efficient.

This is an exclusive and exceptional offer from our partner ProRealTime Trading. You no longer have an excuse not to trade under the same conditions as the best traders in the trading room. For more details, see here.