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    Boost your PC with multi-screens

    Do you want to keep your PC but improve its performance? We offer you our expertise.

    We move to your home to transform your PC into a trading station, subject to technical feasibility.

    Call me at +33 (0) 9 81 44 79 50 or complete the attached form. Do not hesitate, our skills are at your service.


    Generally, suitable screens and a graphics card are enough to upgrade your pc. However, it is better to take advice in order to establish a preliminary diagnosis and have your equipment installed by a single professional.
    Prices include travel and intervention costs in our delivery countries.

    2 screens : from €990 € INCL. VAT

    3 screens : from €1,490 € INCL. VAT

    4 screens : from €1,990 € INCL. VAT

    6 screens : from €2,990 € INCL. VAT

    If on the day of the intervention, despite our efforts, we cannot improve your PC, we will reimburse you the amount minus the cost of the intervention indicated on our turnkey installation page.