Stream Deck – Live controller


Stream Deck – Live controller

Stream Deck – Live controller

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Stream Deck pour trader



Available with the ProRealTime trading platform:

  • 15 to 32 customizable LCD keys
  • Display, in real time, the last price and the Bid/Ask of the assets you are tracking
  • Display the value of your portfolio
  • Monitor your open positions
  • Place Market, Limit, Stop Loss and OCO orders
  • Move your Limit and Stop orders
  • Close or reverse a position
  • Cancel all your orders
  • Open ProRealTime windows (list, chart, order list,etc.)


Place your orders on one or multiple instruments without needing to move your mouse. Move your stop and limit orders up or down with high speed.

Continuous information

Display of information important to you (price, bid/ask, P&L, …) stays visible on your Stream Deck even if you change applications, for example to answer an email.

Manage your positions more efficiently

Place OCO order.
Place Limits on the Bid or Ask to better control the price and timing of your position entries and exits.

A more enjoyable way to trade

Benefit from a comfortable and completely customizable interface for more enjoyment during your trading sessions.

User feedback

Enormous improvement of my ability to trade simultaneously on several instruments, it’s impressive: a much more natural interface.
Less fatigue, because the visual area i work with is reduced, even though the number of instruments I’m watching is higher.
Much quicker response time. I have eliminated the slowest part of my trading process: my hand on the mouse.


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